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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Woman to Man Erotic Spanking 01

This is My Favorite Type of Spanking. It is probably one of the Finest of Sexual Foreplay. The Woman is Aroused by the Power of Her Position and Her Submitting Lover. He is Aroused by Submitting to Her Control. The Slower Pace and the Lighter Spanks slowly Warm his Bottom Cheeks and her problem of Keeping him in position are non-existant. Maybe a Little Role-Play is in Order to Set the Mood. This Form of Spanking is one where Limits Must Be Respected, as the point of The Erotic Spanking is to Arouse not Punish. The Challenge is to get the Woman to try this form of Foreplay, there is rarley a problem to get a Repeat Performance from her at another Time.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Woman to Woman Erotic Spank 01

Woman to Woman Erotic Spanking goes back to Ancient Times in Egypt. In the old Painted Wall Murals of the Ancient Palaces this has been documented. So from there to the old style Photography and Glass Slides of the early Nineteen Hundreds to the Hundreds of photos to be found on the Internet today, Woman to Woman Erotic Discipline has become an Avan Garde Art Form. The desire to cause a Pleasurable amount of Stinging to Lovely Bum Cheeks for purposes of Erotic Stimulation. This Art Form has always Interested me and at times, has very much Stimulated me. Over the next while I will blog a Series of Entries from time to time on this and Woman to Man Erotic Spanking. This installment is Woman to Woman Erotic Spanking 01. I hope you Enjoy this Venue as much as I do. And if you do, Feel Free to Leave a Comment. Accountomax.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Go Fetch The Belt!!!

Probably one of the most useful, of Wearing Apparel . A Strict Lady can make Bum Cheeks Dance with the Leather Belt. Nothing can make a Male go Dry-Mouth and Quivering quicker then when his Lady holds out her hand while looking him in the eye, and commands. "Hand me your Belt, then Lay Over that Bed with Your Pants and Short's Down"!!! The thickness and size of the Leather Belt in itself decides the severity of the Punishment. Kelly Payne is a Lady who can administer a Belt Strapping like an Artist can Paint a Picture. After a good workout with the Belt then sitting can be quite an Exercise in Caution.

The Paddle, Getting Wood on the Subject.

The Paddle is a much loved Instrument of Academia, in America. From the School Paddle to the Sorority Paddle. Paddles come in all sizes and can be engraved or painted with a Short Message . Ouch, is usually popular!!! The Time Honored Position for Paddling is with the Spankee bent right over and Grasping their Ankles. But like in any other Indoor Sport such as Ours, there are many variations of the Theme. Paddling is a Moderate to Hard form of Spanking and can leave Deep Bruising to the Bum Cheeks, when Applied with to much force.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Strap!!! Strap Oil for the Naughty.

The Strap or to the British, their version, the Tawse. A Strip of Leather or sometimes Two sewn together that is used for Moderate to Hard Bum Thrashing's. A Strict Ladies closet is never complete without one hanging from a hook on the inside of her Closet Door. The Spankee is usually bent over in such a way that the Bum Cheeks are Rounder and F uller then when standing. A Strict Lady using the Strap may insist that the Naughty Person she is Thrashing with the Strap, make every effort to relax his or her Bum Cheek's before each Smack of the Leather is Administered. The End Resule is a Very Red Bum and Humbly Contrite Spankee.

The Old Fashioned Slipper!!!

The Slipper has been an Instrument of Naughty Correction for many years. It imparts a Sting without causing bruising or raising damaging Welts. A long brisk application of it leaves no lasting damage and a Deep Heat in the Naughty Person's Nether Region. A Tool of Choice for a lot of Lady Spanker's who want to, Take the Time to do the Job Right.