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Home Away From Home
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aunt takes Naughty Nephew on Vacation!!!

Auntie has been looking forward to the auto travel vacation for a Long Time. She takes her Nephew with her to help with the Driving and for the company. They will be staying in Motels and at her girlfriends houses. But Nephew does a Naughty thing on the first day of Travel. He gets a Speeding Ticket for not paying attention to his Driving. When they stop for the night he must pay for this Naughtiness. His bum cheeks quiver as Auntie slowly bares them. He tries to hide his growing hardness from her but she brushes his hands away. Talking softly to him she bades he assume the Spanking Position of her choice. Slowly she starts his discipline and gently instructs her Nephew to keep his bottom muscles relaxed. As the heat in his bum grows greater he no longer thinks to hide his Growing Arousal. As his Spanking reaches a Climax, then so does he. His Aunt reminds herself that a Milking should be done first on the very next occasion she must Discipline her Naughty Nephew.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Lesbos Journey!!!

One is Dom, the other Sub. A Joy of Erotic Delight in their roles. A Spanking is the prelude to more intimate acts of tenderness. The act of Domestic Spanking draws both forward to heightened arousal. Inhibitions Retreat and True Bonding occurs. Lust at First Spank!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prison Punishment for a Naughty Inmate!!!

The thick door groans open. A woman inmate is led into a room by two Lady Corrections Officers. This room is meant for only one purpose, to teach Good Behaviour. Present are the Prison Nurse, the Social Worker, The Prison Warden and the Punishment Officer who will carry out the Punishment. The inmate is led over to stand in front of the Lady Warden and the Infraction charge is read out. She will receive Twenty Five Strokes of the Punishment Implement. The inmate is then prepared for the Punishment. Her Bottom is stripped bare. She is carefully positioned for her ordeal. She is restrained from escaping her just punishment. The Punishment Officer steps behind her and starts to apply an oily mixture to her bottom cheeks that will prevent lasting damage and help in the healing process. The Inmate is warned that any abusive language will cause her punishment to be extended. The Prison Nurse comes to stand by her head. The Social Worker bades the inmate to be Brave and Contritely accept her coming punishment. All is now ready. The Punishment Officer begins her Just task. The first few strokes bring only low moans from the inmate whose dignity has been stripped bare. But by the tenth stroke her screams and wails reverberate off the thick walls of the room. This task is not hurried, as a Valuable Lesson must be taught. by the twelfth stroke she is begging for her ordeal to end. She is not heard by these people, as they realize the Value of the Lesson being taught.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Private Commune with Mother Nature!!!

A Naughty Bum must be dealt with. Her Ladyship seizes the Moment. Mother Nature is Quite Discreet when her Living Room is used in such a Manner. Along with the sounds of Birds Chirping and Insects Buzzing is a Slapping sound of Brisk Chastisement on Bare Bottom Cheeks. The Naughty Adult Urchin is submitting to Her Ladyship's constant Improvement Therapy for Naughty Behaviour. A Better Person is in the making. Or at least a Happier one.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Boy Toy Delight!!!

This Lady knows what she likes. He is ten years younger and needs her Gentle Guidance. He knows that Compliance with her Wishes is an Invitation for a Great Journey to Eros. More and more Young Men are realizing that a Strong Woman in their life can be an Adventure that has no Equal.