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Home Away From Home
Accountomax's House

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Strict Ladies Pleasant Task!!!

She Cheerfully prepares her Naughty Lad for his Spanking. His pants are slowly Lowered and she carefully positions him across her Lap for the Spanking he needs and the Pleasure it will give her to Dispence. After he is in position she fondly rubs his bum cheeks and warns him not to clench up while she is spanking him. She always starts the proceedings with a light hand spanking to prepare the terrain so to speak, for the next stage. A good session with either the Hairbrush or Paddle. Then it is time for him to bend over the bed or back of a chair for a Strapping with the Belt. Welcome to My House.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lap's, a Naughty Lad Loves to Lay Across!!!

Here are some Ladies whose Lap's I would just Love to Lay Across after doing some Naughty Misdeed. As she adjusts my position to her satisfaction she gently lectures me on my Naughty Way's. The Hand spanking is Brisk and Long. What a Fantasy!!! Welcome to this Visit at my House.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Head Mistress Does Her Duty!!!

A Naughty Schoolgirl has erred. Justice is just a short walk to the Head Mistress's Study. Her Seat of Wisdom is Bared and a Brisk Hand Spanking is given to prepare this Naughty Young Ladies bottom cheeks fo 6 of the Best, Kisses of The Cane. After, a short time in the Corner to Reflect on her Naughty Conduct. Glad you visited my House.

From Vintage Black and White to Present!!!

I am a Big Fan of the Early Day's of FM Spanking. Alot of these Pictures I first saw in Magazines like Obey and others in the Seventies. There is something to be said for the Vintage Black and White Pictures. O, for the Good Old Day's. I also have added a Video from Boy's Boarding School that features one of my most Favorite Lady Spanker. Hope you like this visit, to My House.