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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chelsea Peiffer, Empress of Erotic FF Spank!!!

As anyone who has followed this Blog knows, Chelsea Peiffer is one of my favorite Tops in FF Spanking. She offers such understated Erotic Vibes to every Spanking Shoot she is in. Long may this Empress of the Spank reign.

Monday, March 15, 2010

To Serve Her Ladyship!!!

For almost two years Arlena Compton has been in service to a Lady of High Birth. The duties are that of a Personal Assistant and the money is very good. Arlena lives with Her Ladyship and is treated more like a Younger Sister. They travel all over the Country and take one or two trip's abroad a year. Her Ladyship runs the Old Family Business for her aged father and is a Top Class Business Woman. As often happens in Business, a Mistake can be made. When Arlena is the one who has made the mistake Her Ladyship will scold her and at the end of the Business Day, time is put aside for some Domestic Discipline. Arlena knows if she submits in a Good Natured way then all is Forgiven. The Truth is that Arlena goes out of her way not to make a mistake, but she finds the Discipline to be a Sensual Experience and knows Her Ladyship does too. The tingle of the Handspank's, the Sting of the Tawse, or the Sharp Burn of the Cane Stroke, all is Made Right when Her Ladyship applies the soothing Hand Creme to her Glowing Bottom Cheeks and Massages it in well. This is never rushed and on more then one occasion has proceeded to other Pleasures of Eros.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Step Sister's Naughty Boy Toy!!!

My Step Sister has a Rule, if I am Naughty when she is acting as House Mother while our Parent's are on vacation, then I must Pay the Price!!! First I must present myself to her in a Contrite Manner. My temperature is taken by a Rectal Thermometer. She positions me for a Slow Hand Milking. I must not release my Passion Juice until she permits it. Then I must assume a Spanking Position of her choice. My usual Spanking lasts for at least Fifty Smack's. While she applies the Spank's, I must not Yell or Carry On in a Loud Manner. When she has finished making my Bum Cheek's Glow and I have pleased her with my accepting manner then I am Milked again. After, I must use my tounge to Give her the Gift of Orgasmic Delight!!!