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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Great Tasha Lee, Giving and Receiving

This Lady is One of the Greatest Spanking Models, in my opinion, in the Business. I can't get enough of her Pictures and Video's. She brings to any Spanking she is Giving or Receiving, a real sense of Erotic Enjoyment.

Your Older Step Sister, FM.

She keeps your Naughty Secrets. But for a Price. Your parents go out for the evening. This is her time. She puts you through your paces and encourages your submitting, with the promise of an Erotic Massage. You hate to admit to yourself how much you are coming to look forward to these evening Spanking sessions. Will she ever get married and Move Out??? Do you really want her to???

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Proper British Thrashing, FM.

The Governess finds an Attic Room the best place to take her charge for his Well Deserved Thrashing. It Begin's with a Lecture, then she prepares him by lowering his Pants and Shorts. A brisk Hand Spanking to Prepare his Naughty Bottom for Her Trusty and oft times used Cane. He is Completly under her Command.

Naughty Ladies Preparing

She knows she has been Naughty. She knows there is a Price she must Pay. She is sent off to prepare herself for the Spanking she Deserves. The fearful Thrill of Anticipation. The cool breeze that causes Goose Bumps on her Beautiful Bum Cheeks. Slowly the Steps of her Lover come nearer and her Spanking is set to begin. Just a Day in the Life of a Beautiful Spanko!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Total Submission for a Thrashing, FM.

You have Broken a House Rule. You know now that the Moment is at hand to totally Submitt your Bum Cheeks to her, for a Well Deserved Thrashing. As she prepares you, a jar of Hand Cream is in sight. If your Submission is Total then your reward will be to feel her hand's massageing in the soothing lotion to your Stinging Bottom. Her preporation and positioning of your bottom is done slowly and she takes the time to describe in great detail the comming Thrashing she must now give you. Again you are reminded that you must keep your Bum Cheeks unclenched and you must stay in the position she is placing you. She now asks the Time Honered Question. "Are you ready for me to start?"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Great FF Spanking Video

This has to be One of the Best Female to Female Spanking Video's I have ever seen. The Role Play I see is a Corrections Officer giving a Reformatory Inmate she likes a chance to Pay for her Offence with a Good Spanking or face, Warden's Court. One Failing I will admit to is I like to watch most Videos with the Sound Off. This is leftover from the old days of Film and Video when the Sound Track was very seldom in sync with the Spanking Scene. I also find a lot of Spanking Models tend to either over-play their roles, or worse, look Bored. Yet some of the Younger Models are really putting more into it and the Video's are Improving. Nuwest-Leda early Video's really suffered for this. The Models look Great and the sets were right-on but Ed should have had the Girls work on the Acting more. However with the Sound Off then my imagination can work from there, and the Video's are Great. Rant: I really dislike seeing a Video where the Camara Operator's Shadow is seen Flitting back and forth.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My First Video Upload, F.M.!!!

To those of you who are starting to follow this my Blog, Welcome. This is my First Video upload to my Blog, so I hope all goes well. This is one of my most Favorite FM Spank Video's. The Role Play scene in my mind is that of a Younger Teacher taking a Student Jock, well in Hand because he has let his Academic Marks down and could loose his Sport's Scholarship.

Naughty Brat's That Play, Must Now Pay!!!

We go from Naughty Brat's at Play, to Payback is a Bitch. She's had her Naughty Fun, and now Mother, Aunt, Older Sister or Concerned Teacher must Take her in Hand and show her the Error of Her Way's. But she knew the Risk's going in. Maybe it was a Brat that coined the phrase, "No Pain No Gain". She Trembles in Anticipation as her Skirt is Raised or her Jeans Pulled Down. She feels the cool breeze as her Panties are Slowly Lowered from her Bottom Cheek's. With a Feeling of sensuous Dread she allows herself to be adjusted to her Spanker's satisfaction and Breathlessly awaits the First Smack.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Naughty Brat's at Play!!!

One could almost call this Recreational Spanking when Young Ladies get together and re-live out Childhood, Way's and Dream's. This is definatly not Punishment Spanking and it maybe the first Gateway to Lesbos. Harmless Fun by Close friends who feel comfortable around each other. Pranks they play and the Fun they Have. Thank Goodness for the Naughty Brat's!!! They keep Us all Young.