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Home Away From Home
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Naughty Brat's That Play, Must Now Pay!!!

We go from Naughty Brat's at Play, to Payback is a Bitch. She's had her Naughty Fun, and now Mother, Aunt, Older Sister or Concerned Teacher must Take her in Hand and show her the Error of Her Way's. But she knew the Risk's going in. Maybe it was a Brat that coined the phrase, "No Pain No Gain". She Trembles in Anticipation as her Skirt is Raised or her Jeans Pulled Down. She feels the cool breeze as her Panties are Slowly Lowered from her Bottom Cheek's. With a Feeling of sensuous Dread she allows herself to be adjusted to her Spanker's satisfaction and Breathlessly awaits the First Smack.

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