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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Varied Positions Give Varied Pleasure!!!

Some Ladies prefer to use a Variety of Spanking Positions when Warming the Seat of Wisdom of their Naughty Lad's. There is usually a Warning to stay in that position for the duration of the Spanking or Earn Extra Smacks. These Pictures only illustrate but a Few of the Positions an Imaginative Strict Lady can use. The Video below is One of the most Erotic FM Spanking Movies I have ever seen. So kick back and Enjoy this Visit to My House!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Young Police Women, On and Off Duty!!!

Consider, one way to solve Jail over crowding is for the Return of Judicial Corporal Punishment. It is your Great Fortune that your Girlfriend is one of the Judicial Correction's Officer's. She is busy dispensing Judicial Punishment on Duty by Day and yet Feels the Need to Practice her chosen Field at Home. Anything to help Further your Girlfriend's career. There is also a Great Video to Compliment the Pictures. Welcome, on this Visit, to my House!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Strict Young Teachers!!!

A Naughty Lad must stay after class. He promised Miss Applebaum that he would have his Essay ready on time but has failed to complete it. He knows what is in store for him and he knows he must submit to her Tender Loving Disciplining Care. After taking down his pants she starts with a Hand Spanking. From there it is a Paddle or Strap. He must count out each Stroke and Thank her for each one. Just another day at the Adult Re-Training School. Welcome to My House, enjoy this Visit.