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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Naughty Handyman at the Three Sister's Inn!!!

Glenda, Shirley and Anne are sister's and owners of the, Three Sister's Inn. Orville is their Handyman. A Twenty two year old big muscular and most would say, slow upstairs Lad. But he is Good with his Hands and he Board's at the Inn. When his work doesn't measure up then he is called to Account. He must report to the three sisters in the Tool Shed just before Bed time. He is ordered to undress then he is prepared for his Thrashing. He is bent over the Table and held in place while Glenda warms his Bum Cheeks with a Brisk Hand Spanking of Fifty Slaps and then Shirley rubs Baby Oil well into his cheeks. She then uses a Leather Strap and gives him 25 Slow Straps with it. After, Anne rubs in more Baby Oil, she delivers 25 Good Smacks with an old School Paddle. He is then told to kneel on the table and all three sisters take turns rubbing oil into his bum while Milking him of his pent up passion. He is then allowed to go to bed. He doesn't feel abused at such Treatment, he feels he is the luckiest, Young Man Alive.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are You Ready For Your Comeupence Now???

That Time has Come. The Naughty Deed Has Been Done. The Piper must be Paid. She is Ready, Are You???

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Older Girlfriend. A Story, FM.

She is without a doubt, the Love of my Life. Anne is 9 years older then me and sometimes my friends kid me about it. But I am in Praise of Older Women. Last night I was late by 25 minutes in picking her up after work, so when we got to her house I was called to account. She usually takes a shower right after work so I was taken right to her bedroom where she took me over her knee and gave me a Hand Spanking on my smoothed out Jockey Shorts. Then she Bared my Bum Cheeks and undressed to her Bra and Panties. I was ordered back over her knee for another 25 Hand Spanks given in a slow measured pace. After she had given me that she took off her Bra and Panties and made me kneel on the bed. She milked me slowly as she told me what she wanted me to do for her Erotic Satisfaction. I then had to get the Cane out of the Front Closet for Ten Strokes with me Bent over the Bathroom Sink, she told me to Watch through the Shower Stall's Frosted Glass as Anne showered. Even though I had just been drained it was not long before my Lower Brain began Standing Up and Watching too. Accountomax