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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Great FF Spanking Video

This has to be One of the Best Female to Female Spanking Video's I have ever seen. The Role Play I see is a Corrections Officer giving a Reformatory Inmate she likes a chance to Pay for her Offence with a Good Spanking or face, Warden's Court. One Failing I will admit to is I like to watch most Videos with the Sound Off. This is leftover from the old days of Film and Video when the Sound Track was very seldom in sync with the Spanking Scene. I also find a lot of Spanking Models tend to either over-play their roles, or worse, look Bored. Yet some of the Younger Models are really putting more into it and the Video's are Improving. Nuwest-Leda early Video's really suffered for this. The Models look Great and the sets were right-on but Ed should have had the Girls work on the Acting more. However with the Sound Off then my imagination can work from there, and the Video's are Great. Rant: I really dislike seeing a Video where the Camara Operator's Shadow is seen Flitting back and forth.

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