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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Julia Jameson, Empress of the Spank!!!

Julia Jameson was one of the First Lady Spankers I saw in an old Obey Magazine Photo back in the Early Seventies. She has been a Favorite of mine ever since. It is hard to do her justice with the small amount of pictures I have of her today but I will try. I am also uploading a Great Video of her in a FF Hand Spanking scene. WOW!!! She spanks on and on and on!!!! Also for those of you who are interested my Yahoo Group has over 2000 Pictures of FF and FM Spanking and is updated every Week. It is called Accountomax's Ledger. You must get a Yahoo Profile and list your Age, General Location and Gender as this is a Rule for Yahoo Adult Group's. Here is the URL http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/accountomaxsledger/



  1. That's a spanking !!!
    But i give the young lady credit ,she took it like a good girl. I am sure she needed it!
    Julia does not look like she takes much nonsense.

  2. Wow, is the only reaction to that. What is her hand made of? I've never seen a hand spanking like that. My partner K is in awe, she rarely uses her hand for more than a minute and never with that kind of force, she says it hurts her mere than me. But slightly disappointingly, the recipient took it a bit too well I thought. A spanking like that deserved a decent reaction, not stoic silence. I'd have been howling the house down without a doubt!


  3. I'd gladly go over Julia Jameson's lap for a hard bare-bottom hand spanking. gimp.over.your.knee@gmail.com